DX11 Video playback

Hey … sorry for noob question … but i cannot find any ,for me, undertandable exaple of siple Avi-file Playback by DX11 Renderer …

with EX9 its simple …but i have to use DX11 for first time thanks to Fullscreen problems with it.

can you direct me somewhere or share some file?

i am realy lost in all the tutorials about particals flying and other crazy stuff …i just need this simple think.

Thank you very much.

vlc player ist the most common way to play various video containers. it comes with the latest dx11 pack.

for high performance use hap player.


Thank you… But i realy need to do it inside vvvv with Renderer…

Art reasons 🙄

Here you go Nic40. this is the simplest form how to playback Avi with DX11.


Thank you so much Nic40…

You are lifesaver … you just saved hours of my life …
Since Help-Files sucks or in most cases are missing at all.

You are BEST.

Yea i know …
keep exploring …

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