Dx11 - solid wireframe geometry shader

Can anyone suggest how I might go about this in a GS, or point my towards an example or tutorial? I want to take a mesh as input, and draw a cylinder along each triangle edge, creating a solid wireframe structure that can then be shaded.

In directx sdk http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=6812, you have a sample called : PipesGS which does exactly that.

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Did anyone ever manage to implement this in vvvv?

this one builds a pipe around edges of each triangle
note that in adjacent triangles these pipes will be built twice, because gs is invoked for each individual triangle

PipeWire.zip (3.0 kB)

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Different approach, may be useful for drawing wireframes with configurable width - which aren’t pipes:

ahh great!

is there a way using this to draw a single ‘tube’, possibly by sending a sequence of vertex positions with the correct topology type?

if you are looking to make something like spline/tube, and not wireframe structure, it is better to have all positions in a dynamic buffer, and use NullGeometry (DX11.Drawer); GS for that would still be very similar to the one in PipeWire effect

I’ll have a bash