Dx11 - render to texture questions

A few related questions in one:

  • Vux presented an explanation recently why using info(texture) to check texture sizes (eg in a dx9 texture fx module) was a bad idea as it messed with the order things were rendered. In the new dx11 tfx, this is all taken care of, with the size passed through automatically. How do I replicate this behaviour when using quad + renderer(temp target). So pass the file size without using an info node

  • What does ‘Texture Input Mode’ on a renderer (temp target) do?

  • How do I set texture output size in a dx11 tfx?

  • Is there already a dx11 tfx to resize?


Hi mrboni

while you get more answers , here 2 ways to re size texture for now.

Resizing.rar (2.7 kB)

there is hidden resolution pin on tfx and u need to enable it also


is there a way to resize x and y independently?


doubble right click -> Vector 2D connect that and resize independently if i get ur question right

thanks Anto,

but when i enable Use Default size on any tfx i get a white render!
see patch

resize.v4p (6.4 kB)