Dx11 Record/Play 3D geometry as Texture DDS

Maybe this question is already solved somewhere… (not clear).
I would like to record 3D geometry and color sequence as a sequence of DDS 2D texture as RGB (XYZ) and ALPHA (RGB).
I already have several nodes outputing layers but I would like to output as Buffer values and color.
Could you please help me to resolve this ?

Here last thread from u7angel and antokhio : RWStructured Buffer to Texture

Attached a player not stable but working.
RenderTexture.zip (7.0 KB)

First off, this is incorrect, if you write something to image it has to be float4 or float, internally other formats are’t allowed and if it’s working it strange

This should be always On in case you playing back sequence. It’s better to use filetexture pooled for playing back sequnces…

Alpha not gonna work, if you have depthbuffer enabled…
Such stuff as particles has speciall types of sorting alpha out…

Could this output a BUFFER directly ?
If i understand you correctly, and you want to convert texture to dynamic buffer, yes it’s possible, but you have to use compute shader and render to buffer… so no direct way…

Thanks Antokhio,
I’m just asking it have never been done before ?

tex2buffer.zip (38.2 KB)

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