DX11 problems (and 'addons' also)

hello evvvveryone
Since the announcement of DX11, happiness still manages to evade me.

Although all the required plugins and libraries seem to be in place vvvv behaves as if they are non-existent.

I am using the https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv-girlpower (in any case though…thank you mrvux!!)

…so please hhhhelp :)


same applies to other ‘addons’ in a completely arbitrary manner, such (most importantly ;) the vlc filestream … but that’s another thread

is there a way to get the DX11 pack without using github? or am I completely missing something

hei nano,

  • regarding dx11 with beta30 you’ll have to wait until @vux releases a suitable pack.

  • regarding the addonpack your screenshot of the root patch looks wrong. you don’t have to change anything there if you only want to use the addonpack or any of the other packs. you only need to add paths there if you want to use other contributions

  • so you just place \addonpack in your main vvvv directory. thats it.

  • if you’re looking for the vlc filestream missing in 64bit builds tells you that it is not available in 64bit builds (which you seem to use)

@ sunep
I used this option
concerning github and actual coding ‘habits’
I am making the first steps
so probably I am the one missing something completely ;)

Thanks for the quick response
(feeling like a total noob now :)

Still I would like to point out that
I had read the ‘missing’ list
however the vlc filestream is included
in 64bit ‘addons’ directory therefore it seemed
it was worth mentioning

So the only version working with @vux’s
is the 29.2 or any of the following 29.x versions will also ?

should I take this to another thread -__- ?

@sunep: there will be. vux will soon release a suitable pack for b30
@nanotekt: the .zip option won’t help here as it only gives you the sources.

not really. i only see a directory named \FileStreamVLCHelp which has some assets in, but nothing more. bute those are there by mistake indeed.

and yes, the only version working with directx11-nodes-alpha is b29.2. later alphas likely won’t work.