DX11.Pointcloud: multiple emitter conflict

Hello all,

I am having troubles when creating multiple emitters in separate patches using dx11.pointcloud.

The behaviour can be seen when you duplicate the contents of the following help patch Emitter (DX11.Pointcloud PointcloudBuffer) help.v4p

Once the 2nd emitter is initialised particles of the 2nd will not be emitted as expected. If you break the 1st one, they do.

As if they lived on the same buffer.

Has this something to do with the custom dxx1.Pointcloud Ringbuffer?



thanks for your bugreport! i also noticed this bug last week and i will try to fix it as soon as possible.
it definitely has to do with the ringbuffer.

the bug is fixed now. you can download the latest version of dx11.pointcloud here:

have fun ;)

Wow, that was quick.

Works like a charm!
Also the PhongDirectionalGeo came along, nice …

Thank you