DX11 Pipet slow

It seems to me that the Pipet node in DX11 is quite slow. and it seems like it is ReadBack that is taking the resources.

is the pipet in the DX11 pack the fastest node or is there a faster one or how did that litle “contest” go?


Sunep, indeed the readback can be very costy at some point. I used pipet DX11 a lot in recent project and to avoid framerate drop I enable readback only when I pipet a pixel.
But this depends how you use it on your side.

The problem is that I use it to pipes a new wavetable every frame, so i need 720 samples every frame. And most of the time it runs super smoothly, nice 60fps, but then there are some framerate drops where the readback doubles in ticks… Even though vux mentioned that ticks are not descriptive of the cost in dx11.
Might be my computer that is fucked, new one on the way,perhaps that solves it.
Until then, the performance is Glitch noise so some stuttering and low framerate from time to time almost go well with the aesthetics.