DX11 pack version memory consumption problem

Looks like a bug but it might not be one, I cant find out where this is happening exactly since I am working in a very big and complicated project, although I have a sense that this is might been occurred in the FileTexture2D (keep in memory - enabled) nodes where I am loading huge textures.
The thing is that in the TaskManager it looks like vvvv comes in less than a minute to consume more than 25 GB of RAM, until my computer crashes of course.
Another finding is that this is happening exponentially. Probably this concerns mostly @vux , although I would be interested to know if anybody else encountered this.
The best solution for me - right now - was to reinstall the older DX11 package I had in my backup with which the patch keeps constantly consuming an average of 2BG of RAM.

I’m had some kind of memory issue with a huge patch (older dx11 though), but it only occurred when I had the riot app running, do you run that? If not ignore, if you do try it without and see it helps…

a bit irrelevant question, is there a standalone app for riot ? I am using just my browser (ffox) for riot tho.
Thx anyway :)

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