DX11 override upstream shaders

Hi all

I’m interested in the ‘Layer In’ input on shaders.
I’m wondering if it’s possible to:

So that I’d get Shader2 rendering using Geometry and Transform In
Currently I just get the output from Shader1 in the Renderer

Essentially I want to ignore all or part of Shader1 (e.g. I might just override the pixel shader, or instead override the pixel and vertex shaders, etc).

Obviously this example is incredibly simplified and doesn’t imply any particular use case. Generally I’d use this when I wanted to apply multiple shaders (on seperate render pipelines) to a complex scene, where being able to group the whole scene of Shader1’s and pipe into a Shader2 to render out in that style, would keep things very clean. There’s a few other use case examples I can think of.

Thank you

Also, a simple explanation of what can be done with the Layer In pin would be great!

I seem to remember vux saying that its just to avoid group nodes, so you can chain a bunch of things instead of having them spread sideways across the patch, i.e. cosmetic only…

u prolly wanna check semantics nodes… sounds closer to watcha need