DX11 OpenCollada Tangents & Binormals


it seems like Tangents & Binormals generated by the 3ds Max OpenCollada plugin don’t work in DX11 …
DX9 Version works fine with the same file using the BumpGlossed Shader:
bumpglossed- -dx11-version

Check the attached file. Autodesk FBX totally fails, even with a simple Sphere, SceneExplorer doesn’t show any geometry. Any hints?

The image shows the issue, just load up the file, disconnect the Normalmap and leave Bump on.


Sphere.zip (37.2 kB)

Turns out, if you DISABLE “Tangents and Binormals” in the Autodesk FBX Exporter, Assimp will read the file again and InputLayout shows they’re still there and work as expected …?

probably assimp then creates them onLoad. sounds like a good solution to me then.

Yeah, turns out the described behaviour also works for Collada.
Same file exported with unchecked “Binormals & Tangets” still lists them to be present in the InputElements inside vvvv …
Seems like Assimp creates them if they’re not available. And the exporter’s generated ones just don’t work, which they still should (in a perfect world).