DX11 not working

Can anybody explain me why my DX11 nodes might not be working?
They work normally on my computer, and I had to reinstall vvvv in a new one for an installation… and in this one none of the DX11 nodes seem to work.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot

(They appear in red when I select them)

Please give more specs, have you run setup.exe ? What is your GPU ? Proper DX11 pack installed?

sounds like u messed 32 and 64 bits dx11 pack

ey guys, of course I runned setup.exe, all boxes green.
Im trying to check for the DX11 pack, I installed this one >> directx11-nodes-alpha

Ive been looking for another one but dont find much… <<<< - for 32 bits vvvv <<<< - for 64 bits vvvv