Dx11 nodes stay red/unuseable

I have a vvvv 32bit running on a x64 maschine and everything works fine. But now I need the 64bit version with dx11. So i downloaded and setup this version and copied /packs/dx11/ from the 32bit versions folder to 64bit version.
I now see the dx11 nodes in vvvv, but they are just red node without function. Can you help me get this working? Whats wrong?

you need to download dx11 64 bit pack and erase 32 bits dx11 pack in your vvvv 64 folder

oh good to know. where do I find it? thanks


other/older revisions
vvvv-packs-dx11-0.7.1-x64.zip - 04.09.16 [15:43 UTC] by vux | 1460 downloads
notes: Latest version (64 bits, 33.7+)

thanks a lot!

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