DX11/ need help with a spreadeble IndexedGeometrybuffer workaround and a spreadable validator workaround

I made a demo how to get drawing priority in DX11 like EX9 group(priority)

It is to bad that IndexedGeomtryBuffer and (layer)Validator aren’t spreadable. I’m trying to make something like the old-school OMAI Tagtool

(to get an impression what the old tagtool is try the link) http://www.tagtool.org/wp/about//

I want to make it something like a 100 layers big. Does anybody have an idea on a different route? I’d really appreciate the help…

It would really be nice to change/set the alpha values to… after the colored vertexes (the geometry) has been drawn. Anybody any ideas?

drawing order.zip (83.2 kB)