DX11 Metaball glitch

I was playing around with the metaball patch and some strange glitches started to pop up
I read around the forum that I needed to add the Uv coordinate to the geometry in order for it to work with regular shaders, I hope I’m doing it right but I keep seeing these “holes” in the geometry.
Also, the smoothing effect doesn’t seems to be effective, what am I doing wrong?

try setting the ‘max elements’ on UV_coords to a high enough number perhaps?

@everyoneishappy I think it worked, but what exactly is that number? I mean, the “element” is the geometry or the vertices? I don’t get the relation between the number and the geometry

It’s vertices

when the number is set to zero it will try to auto-detect how much space the GS needs from what’s going in. But that really only works well when you have a constant vertex count, which things like metaballs or marching cubes do not.

Thanks, makes sense now

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