DX11 Kinect v2 support broken as of Nov. 1st

The version of the Kinect v2 SDK that the current DX11 pack works with, 1407, is time-bombed and does not work after Oct. 31st (Halloween!). The camera just does not turn on, the Kinect2 node is red, and continuous API errors show on the console. Reset the PC date to pre-Nov. 1st and it will work again.

it works for me without any problems

as already shouted, had to reset the windows time to get it back working again.

1409 (+latest dx11 github src) works fine here without the windows time shift

@guest Unfortunately I can’t get the github x64 version to build (x86 is fine) due to a missing autogenerated file. Did you do a completely clean pull and build in a new folder? Which VS did you use? Thanks!

i also had some troubles to build the 64bit version of the DX11 pack. I recognized that the 64 bit SlimDX Dependencies are not included in the repro. After i installed the latest SlimDX sdk (https://code.google.com/p/slimdx/downloads/detail?name=SlimDX%20SDK%20%28January%202012%29.msi) all references were found and i could build the pack with Visual Studio 2012.

@phlegma - I had that problem before, but it’s fixed now with the current alphatest in git. The problem I am seeing is the definition of MemoryIOStream cannot be found. I am building with VS2013, will try 2012, who knows? Thanks!

I hit the same problem an Saturday. Kinect Node Red, all Lights off on Kinect. I did reset the system clock to 2010 and everything is working again. Not a very professional solution though. Does anybody of you have a another solution for that?

Looks like if you use the final public Microsoft Kinect SDK as well as the newest DX11 and Kiniect2 Nodes everything works fine. Did an update to our installation yesterday and no Halloween bug anymore. I think you can close this @woei.