Dx11 kinect rgbdepth

hey folks,

I am searching for the kinect rgbdepth node for dx11.

Is it missing or has something changed for mapping the rgb texture to depth texture?

i tried to implement a rgbdepth node for dx11.

unfortunately there are some problems as you can see here:

here is the sourcecode:

i think the problem lies in line 98 & 109.
when i change the format to R32G32_Float (analogous to the dx9 implementation) vvvv crashes all the time.

do you have ideas how the colpoints have to be written into the texture?

ok finally i managed it.
for everyone who is interested in the code: http://pastebin.com/DMcYDcA1

there is an additional pin for switching between absolute and relative values so you could also use it directly in a texture displacement shader.

sounds good please pullrequest this against https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv

already did it.
but i don’t know if this is successful since there are pullrequests older than 1 month :)

ah didn’t see that. supa.