DX11 IndirectBasic question


i have a question regarding to the indirectlookup example in the dx11-girlpower package ( ).

the AppendStructuredBuffer contains only ids of points that match a certain condition.

with the help of IndexIndirect the shader knows, which points he has to draw.

my question:
how can I filter the coordinates in a computeshader? here is a snippet of the code i am using:

but this gives me ALL coordinates of the streamoutbuffer instead of the filtered coords.

ideas anyone?

No one here who wanted to filter a streamout buffer and use it in a computeshader?

You need to set indirect dispatch, since you are bound to warp size in case of compute shader.

Adds node to build such a dispatcher.

thanks for your answer, vux!

unfortunately i cannot get it to work when using the dispatchIndirect node.
can you upload a help patch in analogy to the indirectlookup example from girlpower?