DX11 indexed geometry colors

in DX9 the help patch for Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join) shows how to add color to vertices.

how do I add colors to the vertices in DX11, I am basing this on the girlpower patch “07_Geometry_Join_Overview.v4p” in the DX11 girlpower folder.

I have tried adding a color input element folowing the logic I got from the old Help Patch, but no success.

07_Geometry_Join_Overview-color.v4p (19.1 kB)

that is exactly right. only the default Constant.fx does not deal with vertex colors at all. so you’ll have create your own effect based from e.g. constant and add that to the pipeline. see attached for a quick sample.

VertexColors.fx (1.5 kB)

And very in line with this thread: , I modified the shader to allow texture coordinates too.

VertexColorsTexture.fx (1.5 kB)