Dx11 feedback

Greetings friends,

finally migrating my vj set to the awesome dx11 pipeline i just stumbled over a little (kind of showstopping though) issue which i did not even noticed before. I’m talking about the absence of texture buffer/queue nodes and also what seems to be the absence of any ways to achieve some feedback. (e.g. no framedelay)

Can anybody fill me in on the details and how to work around it?


Please devvvvs include feature to allow feedback pins in plugin interface… (so we don’t have to hack around )))

(and so i can turn off auto reply on skype ;)

oh, it’s like that…

+1000 then!

Yeah devvvvs, please stop Vux from sending me auto replies on skype! This sucks…
Feedback for plug ins would definitely be a great thing.

please +1 ;)

+1 ;)… no text …

Or show me some Delphi code so I can work it out ;)

+1… no text …

+1, I wanne see the shader coders doing even more cool stuff!! :D

yes please ;D

see https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/commit/088290811c98049a82dec46a59437436abc56c0e

did a quick test with template node, set AllowFeedback to true on output and AutoEvaluate to true on node, connected in with out and value counted up quickly. so should work.
you’ll probably want to set all those validation/evaluation flags to manual, subscribe to PrepareGraph/ResetCache on mainloop and do stuff accordingly.

oh and you’ll probably need to be a little patient until exe is available (~30min).

Added framedelay node in


Now has framedelay, needs this build:


Please note that framedelay doesn’t (probably won’t) work properly with swapchains, so use TempTarget or MRT renderer instead

not even 24 hours… wow, just WOW :)

thanks a lot!

oh yes!.. no text …