DX11 feedback problem when painting

hey there,

i’m about to despair on this (simple looking) one:

i’m creating an application containing a book-like painting scenario. you can draw on separate textures (like pages) and go forward and backward.
when painting i’m using a renderer with clear set to zero and the textures for each page are stored in a texture array 2d.

now when the next or previous page is opened the respective texture should be loaded into the renderer by flashing the content in the draw-renderer, so it can be reloaded.

this would be a classical framedelay/feedback problem but with dx11 i was not able to implement this functionality. the FrameDelay (DX11.Texture 2d) was no help as it would not reach through the texture (testet with an Info (DX11.Texture 2d) (it is still an experimental node, maybe that’s why).

how to achieve the desired result. i guess it cannot be that hard but i failed…

thanks for any help or other strategy.

the attached file uses @vux))ens setslice for texture arrays fount here: ((contribution:setslice-(dx11.texturearray)-(dx11)

draw_pages.v4p (29.0 kB)

With DX11 Frame delay, I’ve been attaching a preview to the buffer on the renderer, which sometimes fixes issues, or having the buffer attached to a quad scale 0 in another renderer, it seems like the frame delay needs some more reason to pass a texture through sometimes.
It might help, it might not!

yes, at some points the framedelay actually did pass through the texture but i was not able to reproduce it (after reloading the patch the desired functionality was gone again).

so that’s too unsafe for me…

i solved this now by workaround.
on changing pages the content is written to a file and reloaded as filetexture as needed.
simple and not very elegant but it works at a decent speed. i’m still wishing for a solution where you don’t have to leave the gpu…