DX11 effects only seen by NodeList if in packs folder

I made a few DX11 effects and tossed them in my usual library effects folder (which is defined in the root patch), and they do not show up in the nodelist like DX9 effects do. They will only show up if I put them in a folder in packs. I tried using both .fx and .tfx extensions, and no joy.

For example, with a path set in the root to C:\Library, no DX11 effects in that folder or its effects subfolder show up, but DX9 effects in there do. Move the DX11 effects to (vvvv)\packs\foo\nodes and they show up.

This is with 34.2_x86 and x64.

Maybe I’m reading the above too literally, but do you have dx11, geom11, texture11 sub folders as needed? they should be parallel to the effects folder iirc

Well no, I did not, that is not specified anywhere I could find including the nodes-and-paths doc page. And it is rather confusing that you can drop the DX11 effect file in the top-level of the search path and it finds it, but put it in the effects folder and it will not.

Also, it is somewhat confusing that when you clone Template (DX11.texture), it creates a .fx file which will NOT be seen in the texture11 subfolder, just the DX11 subfolder - not an obvious name mapping.

I would suggest a couple of things: First, this DX11 related behavior be documented, it’s a tad non-intuituve, and since it’s a behavior of vvvv itself it should be on the nodes-and-path page not in the DX11 pack somewhere.

Second, the search behavior should recognize the special subfolder names (effects, DX11, texture11, etc.) anywhere in the hierarchy; this would allow keeping package/contribution elements all together without having to specify each package folder in the root patch or duping the packs logic. It would allow much more object-oriented file organizaiton.

Even better would be to just recognize file types anywhere, not sure I understand the logic of this enforced separation…

Thanks @everyoneishappy!

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Just added this to wiki here:
using addons#contributions

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Ahhhh… thank you!