DX11 ConnectAll + ConstantBuffered

Hello all,
a while ago I made this thread: ConnectAll + variable line thickness

I now tried to recreate that patch in DX11, using SpritesBuffered and ConstantBuffered with ConnectAll DX11 from Instance Noodles. I want to use an animated texture to manipulate line thickness, sprite size and color, taking the values with Pipet. It is working well for the sprites for both color and size.

For the lines, the variable thickness I was initially looking for in my first DX9 attempt is working very well.

But I can’t figure out the color for the lines. If I put the “Color Buffer” from Pipet into the ConstantBuffered “Color 4D Buffer”, like I do with the Sprites, the lines are randomly colored.

Do I need to take a different approach here or can I somehow sort the colors so it is displayed correctly? Thanks in advance. Will post the patch later if it is needed.

You prolly have to maintain binsize of lines and colors somewhere…
You have to zip and upload your patch and .fx file…

this is where I’m at right now:
ConnectAll_DX11_TEST_2.v4p (361.5 KB)

Should work like that if you have InstanceNoodles installed? The flickering has to do with the IID generated by ConnectAll, if I remove that it stops flickering and the lines are uniformly colored in the “background” color.

I figured I can just use ConstantProjection to get the line colors, since I only need a static camera view anyway :) Would still be nice to know what I did wrong in my “color per line” approach.

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