Dx11 buffer readback issue

I’m having an issue reading back values from a compute shader.

It works fine with the general readback buffer node, but if I try using the readback (value) node, (to try to optimise performance) I get a correct spreadcount, but all values are 0.

patch attached

readback buffer issue.v4p (16.3 kB)

Fixed in https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv/blob/latest-b31.2/Core/VVVV.DX11.Lib/BaseNodes/ReadBackStructNode.cs

sweet, thanks.

Is there any way to use that in a dynamic plugin?

I tried building the current dx11 bundle from github and it built fine but vvvv didn’t load with it installed

I’m sure I saw the readback node as a dynamic plugin some time ago

it was https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/11011, but an updated version of the plugin is now part of vux’ dx1-vvvv on github

Thanks Sebl.

I tried building the latest dx11 and it built fine but vvvv wouldn’t lod with the pack installed. Used latest alpha vvvv.

Have you got it working?