DX11 Assimp Material nodes go wacko when multiple SceneFiles

I found that when loading multiple .dae models using multiple SceneFile and Material nodes, two bad things happen: 1) some of the Material nodes will turn red, which ones depending on what order the SceneFile nodes are updated, and 2) the Texture Operation pins output a large number instead of something sensical like “Multiply”, with the node turning red when you mouse over that pin.

The simple attached patch shows these behaviors.

After the patch is loaded, first mouse over the left-most Texture Operation pin, it says Multiply. Then mouse over the middle mode Operation pin, it says Multiply. But the right node pin is nonsense and turns red. Fool around with the reload pins, and various other nodes may turn grey or red. Go back to the left Material node Operation pin, and it is now nonsense.

Anyone using multiple Assimp models and not having problems like this?

DX11AssimpMaterialBug.v4p (14.9 KB)

can not confirm. wildly reloading and hovering those pins… nothing
on 35.2 x64

Good to know - I forgot to say this was with 34.2 x64. It happens on every machine I’ve tried it on, will try 35.2, fingers crossed…

Well the nodes in fact do not turn red under 35.2 - but the Operation pins still go to nonsense, which means something is still FUBAR internally. But hey I don’t use that pin and at least now my patches don’t turn red.


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