DX11 antialiasing & depth stencil dificulty

Does anyone know how to correctly sample a depth stencil from a temp renderer that has antialiasing turned on?

Simple patch from girlpower shows the issue

StencilAA.zip (9.3 kB)

Hi Kyle, i’ve would say this bit is overkill, since it takes quite an effort to switch on per-sample every shader you got. However Vux did per sample example on node. I’m not sure it’s works tho, i’ve would recommend post proc AA instead.

looks like i got only incomplete version of workshop, if you have a completed patches look on to MSAA examples

Hey Ant, thanks for the clue. Not really a problem for shader explosion- I literally just want access to the stencil masks themselves.

My node workshop files are also incomplete (that was in the afternoon, stopped trying to keep up by then lol), but I did figure it out after a couple of gotchas:

  • didn’t work for me at all as a textureFX
  • texture should be uint4 (should have been clear from example, but I missed that for a while)
  • you have to have your shader profile set to V5 if you want to have the number of multi samples dynamic

In case anyone is interested here’s normal loading, MS loading & proper MS loading averaging the samples per pixel.

StencilAASolved.zip (9.7 kB)

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