Dx11 and blackmagic

hey guys! the vvvv.nodes.decklink contribution is working on ex9… (I know I can use DX9toDX11 node to convert into a Dx11 Texture)

BTW it is supposed to happen a native DX11 version?

Did had time to look at it, but shouldn’t be too hard to port (and got one decklink at hand, so at least should be easy enough to test).

Also can you add feature request on github? so this doesn’t get lost in 300 forum pages in one week? ;)

FYI I was looking for the same thing, and ended up posting the feature request here : VVVV.Packs.Image #66

vux, you’ve already done this :)

Decklink-dx11.zip (35.4 kB)

That’s old version not working properly ;)

Alo Vux,
so are you currently working on new version working properly or is this just a “maybe/sometime” thing?

Also wondering: Has anyone managed to capture 4k Video with the decklink 4k extreme? Because I would really like to.

Hey vvvvolks,

like vux said, it’s not working properly.
for me it looks like this:
In 32 bit I’m told there is no input device connected.

In 64 bit the decklink nodes don’t have pins (i assume they arent meant to be 64 bit)

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Really interested in getting a Blackmagic capture device to get as close to zero latency video into vvvv in dx11 on 64bit, is this working?

the blackmagic nodes are part of the the image pack which is only available in 32-bit…

but one could try to extract the minimum code from github, get rid of the CV dependencies and directly copy the video frames into DX11 textures instead of image:

Will give it crack…