DX11 AlphaToCoverage Problem

I use DX11 AlphaToCoverage so that I don’t have to Z-Sort Quads with Transparency manually (which doesn’t work in our usecase either)
AlphaTo Coverage does the job well but the Alpha-Areas are visually not the same than without. alpha areas appear much lighter than before which is a big problem becuase we need to play a HAP-Alpha-Video after the Quad which doesn’t look the same.

on the attached image you can see the difference, the left side is whithout AlphaToCoverage and right is with, the lower part has a prerendered alpha shadow. the red and black line underneath are just there to visualize the alpha.

Is it because the color range is limited with AlphaToCoverage ?

Looks like a format problem to me… still a guess small sample would be better

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