DX11-33.7 Renderer (DX11) Performance Drop


i noticed a strange behavior while preparing a basic patch today.

It seems that the Renderer (DX11) (DX11 pack 33.7 / 64 Bit) drops the framerate when entering Fullscreen while the combination of Renderer Temp-Target + Preview Node runs smooth at the given framerate

i attached a little patch where i use a output resolution of 5760x1080
While the temp-target - preview combination stays at 120 in fullscreen the renderer (dx11) will drop down to 43 fps on my machine.

I cross-checked this with the previous pack (b33.3 x64) -which just runs at 120fps in both ways



compare.v4p (29.3 kB)

it happens as soon as one enables the depth buffer - anyone who can confirm this?

Fixed in

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