DX Texture

Hi there,

I experience something strage going on: The depth buffer gets lost when being output via DX Texture. Sorry if this has been mentioned before or if I just overlooked some little feature again… ;)

same here. i noticed that when rendering a movie via NRT.writer. is that a new feature ?

antialiasing on?

Yep. That’s it… but why?
Is antialiasing now being output as well with the disadvantage of not having a depth buffer?

thats kind of a known problem with nvidia cards, no workaround so far, but rendering in double size and down scale with a cubic filter.
ati cards may do it, but i have never tested that.

as a workaround you could use the ScreenShot (EX9.Texture)

ah, yes, there is even a module from jannis, thx kalle, i forgot…

and the funny thing is that you find this “ScreenshotNRT” writer on one @catweasel|catweasel))s pages: ((catweasel-Patches