DVD control player

I’m messing around and looking at a method of playing DVDs and controlling the DVD menus within vvvv via a custom node.

I’ve found a DirectShowNet library and complied the example. I’ve dug around a bit in the code and there is nothing obvious to give out as a texture to vvvv. I can use custom mouse control so can just put XY and click in from vvvv to do the menu side of things.

Has anyone got any advice as the best method to get this working in vvvv?

hola xd,

i am not exactly sure if i understand what you’re up to here…

do you want to playback dvds and their menues in a Renderer (EX9)? that could be tricky as the plugin-interface does not provide video-pins.

the closest i think you could get is creating the whole dvd-playback-directshowgraph in your plugin and render to a Samplegrabber. this is a special directshowfilter that lets you access the pixeldata. then take this data and copy it to a slimdx-texture and return that via a texture-out-pin (coming with beta>22) of your plugin.

if that is really what you want?!

Hey joreg,

yes I want to be able to playback DVDs, control their menus and ultimately Bluerays, all via a Renderer(EX9).

Samplegrabber seems to be a way to go once we have a texture-out pin. Best I wait I think, any rough idea on the release date for beta 23?

thanks for the info.

roughly soon.

I know you never like giving a better than rough on a release and fair enough. Soon is good for me :)