Duration OSC timeliner project corruption woes

I’ve recently discovered the awesome OSC based timelining tool, Duration. Despite development seemingly being stalled years ago, it has an amazingly intuitive interface and has been working really well for a video sequencing project I’m working on.

Unfortunately however, my project files seem to be randomly becoming corrupted. All the trigger points I set after a certain time get smooshed into a single point on the timeline whenever I reload. Checking on the forums, it looks like others experience the same bug, everything being squashed at around 30 seconds. I doubt I can hope for a bugfix since the project isn’t actively maintained, but if anyone’s had experience using Duration in a production environment I’d love to hear about how it went for you, if you had any problems like this, and how you might have fixed them.

If anyone can recommend a timelining setup that might be more stable and equally functional, that would be awesome too. VVVV’s integrated timeliner is a lot clunkier for tasks like sequencing triggers to beats in a piece of music, and the few other standalone sequencers/timeliners I can find are either designed for a specific and complex use case that doesn’t fit my needs or are too rudimentary to seem all that useful.

Managed to find an ok workaround. Opening a project file with an osc message like ‘/duration/open “filepath”’ will load the project with the correct total duration and avoids squashing everything after the default 30 seconds.