Duplicate node clipboard xml weirdness

when i duplicate a node with CTRL+D its XML representation gots copied into the clipboard (and therefore overwrites the stored value).

definitely a feature.
i begged for this more than once!!!

IMNSHO this has several advantages:

*select some nodes,
+CTRL+V into Skype to send this Patchlet to your mate.

*CTRL+C a Patchlet sent via Skype from your mate,
+CTRL+V into your Patch

*Copy&Paste your Patchlet from PC1 to PC2 using e.g. Input Director (my personal favourite) or Synergy

pls no “bugfixing” here!

i think it’s a feature for Ctrl-C, but i wouldn’t want it to do that with Ctrl-D, don’t you think?

Isn´t Ctrl-D just short for Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V and hence it is normal that the selected stuff gets copied into the clipboard?

sorry for late reply…

definitely a feature.
i begged for this more than once!!!

ok i understand the value of your explanation,
but i don’t get it why a standardized functionality (duplicate with ctrl+d) throughout almost every application on all operating systems gets broken for something highly specialized. should be possible with some special shortcut (f.e. ctrl + shift + c), not with the standard one.

i explain my frustration with it:
i am in some other app (i.e. explorer / photoshop) and thinking about copying something over to vvvv. let’s say the hex string for a color from photoshop. i switch to vvvv, take a node, duplicate it because i just want to test the new color and have the old one as a backup in the original node. now i want to fill in the new color string into the duplicated node, which isn’t possible because now all the XML stuff is in the clipboard now.

pls userexperiencefixing here!

fixed for beta>=22

no! no! no! no!

don’t steal that valuable function!

i fixed that in a way that you still will be able to copy & paste patches from & to a texteditor. only with CTRL-D an internal clipboard is used, so that the global clipboard still keeps rrrr’s hex string of a color. CTRL-C and CTRL-V will still use the global system wide Clipboard that interacts with skype and other programs.

however skype: i had problems with copying from skype and pasting to vvvv and noticed that this is not due to my “bugfixing” but due to skype. tested with skype and vvvvbeta21.

i will send you some patchlet over skype kalle. do you also have problems with pasting?

using this via skype chat is more a gag than something useful.
but if i had to miss the use of input director’s clipboard i’d be really sad.

luckily we can confirm that the copy/paste of a node selection still works.