Duplicate an object and its abilities

Hello everyone. we are a group of students working on a project, for a performance.
We have created a code, using a kinect 2, that tracks a persons position. When the person enters a 2d square a song plays, and when they leave, it stops. If they enter again it picks up from where it left off.

Now we just need to create three more of these squares that all play their own audio. We want to place these next to each other, so that the person can play a different song, depending on their position in the room(along an x axis, not 3D).

How would you suggest we go about this?

kind regards,
Aslan, AAU

(I cannot upload the code, as I am a new user)

Something like that perhaps?


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Thank you so much Amir!
We cannot seem to find the Refresh node. What library did you get it from? or do you have an idea for an equivalent node we can use instead?
also, can we see the entire screenshot and hear a little about the project you send a picture of, so that we can maybe understand how to relate it to ours?
thanks again,

Refresh is not a node, it’s just the descriptive name that was given to a Bang so that you can know what it does when you bang it :)

Might wanna have a look there


thank you!
we have not been tought about bangs, so we are going to try and look into these. Are they used as a digital button in Amirs example?
we can’t really seem to figure out the purpose of it, in relation to our code. an you tell us which part it might help with?

Yes, that’s what a bang does : it becomes true for one frame.

edit have you checked this youtube playlist?

vvvv gamma 5 - Tutorial for Absolute Beginners of VL

we hadn’t seen that, no! thank you!