Dummy Kinect2 user

Hallo is there a way to “sample” an instance of the Kinect class to grab a frame and work with some data without having to have somebody standing in front of the sensor? I think I could extend this question as to how to set in memory an instance and poulate with some data, more generically.

Isn’t that what Kinect studio does? Recording and playing data of the device…

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Kinect Studio can replay the recorded .xef files internally, not providing some kind of virtual device, so maybe what we need is a VL .xef player

if it was just about the skeletons you could easily use a Sequencer node and record/playback those.

Yes sure, that´s what I am doing right now, just asking if there was a more comprehensive way to develop.

You can actually use Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Tools by @id144 in vvvv beta for this, his player does emulate having a real Kinect v2 attached on a system level; the playback is even recognized in Kinect Studio.

I just load the xef files in vvvv beta and load the kinect v2 node in VL Gamma, and it shows up just fine once you start playback.

I also use OSC via UDP to sync playback between Gamma and Beta, in case you’re using any kind of timeliner or audio setup.

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