Dual screen renderers

hi there

i try to get two renderers(ex9) to work on a dual screen system, and I always get a grey or pixel screen bug on one of the two monitors. I know this seems to be a known issue, but I’ve looked up all the faqs and i didn’t find a workaround. all i found was something with clear buffer = 0 - which doesn’t work for me…


actually not really a known bug with the latest versions.
basically this is supposed to work.
what graphic card do you use? are you using dual screen or span mode? are you using VideoTextures?

i’m using a nvidia Gforce Go 7600 and i’m in dual mode. and even in windowed mode, as soon as i drop one render window to the other screen, one of the renderers freezes.

yes, i’m using video textures, and it seems to be a device number recognition issue… only the renderer set on -1 works

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are you using the same video in both renderers? this won’t work, but all other dual screen setups should run.