Dual screen projection question

Hello everyone!

These day I made my first vvvv patch on the dance performance. We want to project video on the installation which will rotate in the performance.(our video demo) In order to fit the installation size real-time, I use homography to change video size, everything look all right, but the most important thing is the dual screen video can be full screen.

And I find that thevideo texture only can be playback with one file. I change the node’s link, but it still can,t work.

following is my test system:

1.pc/win7, graphic card/ati 1950pro with two port link two monitor, but it just can full screen on one monitor.

2.notebook/win7, graphic card/gt 240m one port
I use tripleHead2Go to link two monitor, and it only one monitor can be full screen.

Dose anyone know some solution to slove the full screen problem? Or I have to use the bodygrouping?(it’s more complex…)

video_3.v4p (49.9 kB)


Try to be sure that you use the good refresh rate associated to the resolution :

If you use a Analog TripleHead in DualHead mode you must be :

  • 2 x 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz

Check that for more resolution :


If you use a Digital TripleHead in DualHead mode you must be

  • 2 x 1024 x 768 @ 60, 75 or 85 hz
  • 2 x 1280 x 1024 @ 60 or 75 Hz

Check that for more resolution :


DigitalSlaves, thanks for your advice.

My triplehead2go is digital edition and i check the resolution is fine. My Problem like this .

A - B - C

A is my notebook desktop with vvvv patch.
B, C is output with 1024 X 768 X 2 screen.
When I use full screen, screen B is fine, the screen C lost the signal.

I try to use the device (manual) node to figure out the screen B,C but it’s have no input pin.

The full screen can be work in the mode with screen A, B , but cannot be work on B,C. It means I can’t use the screen A to control in performance.

Is it the vvvv’s limitation?


Have you set the fullscreen resolution pin on the renderer? There has been some talk of setting the resolution to a different size than the one you want and then allowing vvvv to set the size you actually want on going fullscreen, that could also be the issue?