Dual display mouse click

two displays: right 1440x900 (main) + left 1280x1024. onMouseUp on the left display moves the cursor from (- x, y) to (0, y). (cursor is moved to left border of the right display).

system: windows 7.

Same here on Windows XP: left display 1920 x 1200 + left 1280 x 1024 (main). Clicking anywhere on the left display (not even within vvvv) moves the cursor to the right screen. Nasty when trying to doubleclick something and makes working on vvvv-patches on the “big screen” impossible. :-/

Any hints?

do both of you use the Camera Node ? i remember the Mouse Node inside is set to an evil mode causing this Effect.

yeah, seems to be the mouse node inside the camera patch which sets the cycle mode to “Increment Cycle” as soon as any mouse button is clicked somewhere. Is there a possibility to check whether vvvv (or the renderer window) is on system focus or not? Then you could add an AND with the output of the ord2enum and the output of the “focus check” between the ord2enum and the mouse node in the camera patch.

just dont use the camera node :)
perspective + transform does the job too most times and the patch needs less nodes…and you have more control over mouse/keyboard.

I hardly use the camera node in the final version of my patches, but sometimes it’s a handy tool for debugging and also a lot of help patches use it. I’d prefer a rough fix in the camera patch over removing the node from all patches. :)

the bug fix of the std cam is attached and comes with the next release > 40beta21.

Transform.zip (7.7 kB)