DSLR Canon Camera Plugin

I found nothing about handling a dslr camera in vvvv, only for the kinnect. Wouldn`t it be great if we can control also some “normal” dslr cameras in vvvv? Maybe shooting pictures, settings for aperture aso. I know that you can build a webcam out of the DSLR (e.g. etrawebcam), but I think, thats not enough playground.

So I searched a bit and found this SDK for Canoncameras:

Canon Digital Camera SDK (CD-SDK v7.3)

Canon PowerShot Remote Capture SDK (PS-ReC v1.1.0e)

Canon Digital EOS SDK (ED SDK v2.10)

I`m not into that c#-stuff, so its only a suggestion…
Maybe someone can write a plugin for DSLR-Cams?



@dEp - is there a plugin in there for canon somewhere? (couldn’t see!)

looking to write an edsdk node for managed CV plugins in the future. but no specific project yet


I am interested in this very much! I want to do stop motion animation with vvvv and control arduino at the same time. But using the web camera method would produce low quality. Have thought about using eye-fi but a direct to vvvv and AviSynth route would be good.

I have a friend who is good at c#. What did you figure out about the SDK, Phillip? Surely somebody has programmed an arduino to canon besides Dragon Stop Motion, and vvvv would be so much better at the task.

I am using http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_Lantern_Firmware_Wiki, these guys got deeply into the firmware…

I discovered it right after posting. And wow. I have used some real nice cameras when I was crewing, and this firmware made my T2i like nothing I’ve seen. I’m guessing the slideshow patch and the intervelometer of magi lantern should keep me busy for a while. =)

The only thing missing is the 4Gb file limit…

i would be very intereted in this also . i know you can trigger with arduino , also for timelapse you can use magic lantern scripts .