DShow9 Texture?

Hey vvvvsers,
i am searching for a way to use the Player Node with a DShow Device… Is there any chance for me ?
I’m thankful for every hint ;)

hm…not sure what you mean…
your options are:

  • VideoIn->VideoTexture (EX9.Texture)
  • FileStream->VideoTexture (EX9.Texture)
  • FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC)
  • Player (EX9.Texture)

Yes, that are the options i have for a regular dx9renderer…
But i want to use a DShow9 Device with a DShow9 VideoOut…

So something like:


Understand ?

that would be AsVideo (EX9.Texture) then. but don’t expect any good performance from this route. any particular reasons you need to use DShow9 for output?

Ahhh yeah right this was the node i was searching for :) thanks joreg!!

The reason for the DShow9 Output is the use of a Blackmagic SDI Card…
So you do not think the performance will be good enough to route a Player(EX9.Texture) to the VideoOut ?

hm, there are some scalers (e.g. folsom imagePro) out there, that can convert DVI to SDI signals.

So, i think your way is only suitable if you want to save up such a device.

hey sebl, thanks… i know the imagepro :) but first its not a cheap device and second i already have a sdi output card, so the best solution for me is to use what i got :)

You should get much better results, at least performance wise by using a device like the DVI-extender also from black magic and then use you regular GPU to output the video: http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/dviextender/

looks like a nice device. do you have any info about the output latency?

very short, I have not noticed any. but there probably is some. but I have not noticed it. it was some years ago I used it

I also recently did a VJ-gig where it was used and I don’t remember a delay from it, it was even captured into a mac and spit out via modul8 and syphon to madmapper.

yeah this dvi extender is also a nice device… Latency must be something about 1 frame i think!
But my main goal was the use of the signal sync via blackburst of my decklink 4k extreme…

maybe the only “out of the box” thing will be the nvidia sdi boards. as far as i know there are the only boards with 3D -hardware acceleration and native sdi output. nice - but really expensive. there is also a technology of ati which is called sdi-link for their fire-pro series but im not sure if its already on the market. if you want to use your own card you will have to write your own code (using bm´s sdk) wich will write a texture stream directly onto that device - that could even work via /dx9ex sharing if the sdk is supporting it. so elliot already implemented the input part of that sdk maybe that could be a point of origin.

Can we crowdfund the development of an sdi output option?

Great idea eno!!