Dshow audio combined?

for the first time I decided to try to load an audio file in vvvv instead of using a sound card and capturing it but I can see how to send it from the File Streamer to an AudioOut AND to a FFT, where is the trick ?

just connect audio from FS to audioout just give it more trys works like charm ussualy

The problem is that Dshow doesn t admit multiple out connection so from FS I can only go either to Audio Out or FFT

… and FS’s audio out will only work if I connect a VideoOut as well,but that s aknown fact about Dshow mangling with internal routing…

a workaround is to connect filestream to audioout and the connect audioin to the fft.

not known to me. fs should definitely play even without a videoout attached. can you provide a sample that shows this problem?

mmm if I connect an audioin what I get is the sound from my internal microphone…
maybe that would work with a loop in/out on my external soundcard, but that means a coding/decoding step I would happily avoid… am I getting this right?

ok I ve sorted that out, Filestreamer works flawlessly, FS2 instead needs videoout connection and I fear I ve missed some piece of documentation somewhere…


on AudioIn you get in whichever signal your card is routing to In at the moment. there is the AudioRecordSelector (DShow9) where you should be able to select something like Stereo Mix to receive the stream that goes out via AudioOut.

iirc there have been troubles with this on win7 though. maybe someone else can point you how to get the stereo sum on AudioIn on win7 if that doesn’t work.

I am on XP but I can only get the mic input even if I select StereoMix, I am off for further research…

It can be tricky, if you have one of those standard Realtek cards you should have a control panel (for me it’s called ‘RTHDCPL.exe’ in Program Files) and on these cards you need to open the control panel, go to the mixer section and toggle the input selection from mic to stereomix. I usually find it helpful to check that as well as selecting the inputs in vvvv as sometimes they don’t talk to each other very well.

If you’re using another type of card, though, it may not support the ‘stereomix’ input.

It s a Soundmax card and I can t get the stereomix from Audioin.
The only thing I see I can do is playing the file twice and start both FS nodes synchronized.