Droste effect

Id love to make a Droste effect patch! I found a great article here by Jos Leys on his website.

I’m afraid the maths goes a little bit over my head. Anyone think this would be very hard to patch? Suggestions? care to try? :P


looks very exciting and completely possible to do…

this is another inspiring article for shader writers…

The distortion 2d effect can be a good start if you don’t know much about shaders…

Thanks. Maybe its time for me to learn HLSL.
I’ve been trying to avoid another time hole but hey what to do :)

I also found some Droste code by Josh Sommers for a gimp plugin called mathmap, might be easy to port over to a shader for someone who knows what they are doing…


here is a link to a project that ports the mathmap plugin for adobe pixel bender. i think that will be closer to HLSL shaders syntactically & otherwise. i will probably try to have a look at it one of these days, so if you’re interested in working on this, don’t hesitate to contact me!

perhaps this one is suitable

or this one which uses webgl

even more source material: http://kineme.net/forum/Discussion/SnowLeopard/DrosteSampleCode