DropShadow not working

Hallo Hallo,
Just found out that unc’s DropShadow PostFX doesn’t work. Or did I get it wrong?
Tested with 28.1, 29.2 and 30.2 betas

Nothing urgent, but I wanted to report it anyway.

большо́й вam приве́т!

DropShadow test.v4p (4.6 kB)

No bug, just multiple features conspiring against you :)

  • Make sure your render pass has it’s alpha intact
  • Fullscreen Quad has a built in render state- it’s set to none by defualt so you need to turn it on
  • check your background in your final pass to be a different colour then the shadow, else you won’t see it

DropShadow test-1.v4p (4.8 kB)

oh okey cool now it works. thank you once again!