Drawing svg Tool

hello ,

i’m trying to build a simple svg drawing tool. i did a small module(attached svg & ex9 versions), but i don’t know how to make it spreadable from a single line/polyline and not using every time new line, because then it limits the amount of lines. quiet sure i’m missing something basic and it’s not the right way to handle it.
it is part of a project which intends eventually to send svg drawing to a riding bicycle to make it in large scale.
any comments or suggestions will be very helpfull.


DrawpolylineSVG (3.1 kB)
DrawlineEX9 (21.2 kB)

Hi shual

you need to use Binsize pin for doing multiline, they decide the amount of coords that belong to each line ,also you need to keep a buffer of bins and coords.

Here i made an example for you.

PolylineDrawTool.rar (19.4 kB)

hey colorsound,

it is amazing tool! away above what i guessed… i have to learn it well, it was hard for me to understand the idea of bin size, but your cool patchs clarify a lot of it and how to create those buffers.

thanks so much!