Draw Smoother 2d

Draw Smoother 2D pluging.

Possible it might comes a new drawning standard for vvvv.
Please try it from here.

DrawSmoother2D.rar (732.9 kB)

But really we stopped at very important bug.
Intersect of triangles during rotation. (look carefully when playing with plug)

Please help us to fix and finish it!
Contact me at skype: andrey.bo.27
or take C# source codes from here.

patch by bo27
pluging code Yuri Dolgov

DrawSmootherProject.rar (2.0 MB)


maybe this other plugin helps to solve things.

Now it doesn’t work on .23 for me, dont know why

it’s not work for me too. and RopeMesh.dll not works too

nice plugin bo27 ! works fine so far…

very nice
thx to yuri and you again.
great plugin. couldnt find a bog.

vvvery useful plugin ;) i don’t find any bug

thank you but no-no-no!!! for me here is very long way to finish:

  1. triangles must not intersect to each other. because it looks ugly with any blending.
  2. we need opportunity to apply custom textures to render layers. to make custom brushes.
  3. sampling points calculates buggy now. we need them to apply ink stains, blots or whatever we want to drawning lines
  4. (probably patching solution) we need to calculate b-splines from hand drawning lines to make close to vector looks

really we not so strong at directx and slim dx programming. and we can not finish it by ourself.

some professores says that this impossible. guess walk to the moon is impossible.

we made a lot of dirty job with spreadble painting and smoother. but with power of community we could make universal drawning application. because i’m asking for help here.