Draw edges with lines

I am trying to draw edges with lines, usually I split the mesh and get the index buffer to draw the lines and it s all good, but this time some edges are not drawn, does that mean the topology of mesh is somehow screwed up?
I attach a mesh example giving me this problem.

wireframe.zip (10.2 kB)

does that work for you? https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv-girlpower/tree/master/girlpower/sm4/geometry_shaders/SuppressDiagonals

I remember there was a contrib somewhere in the forum to draw edge based on line node, DX9 probably.

@sebl: my mesh is made out of triangles so I am not sure how that can help but I ll give it a try …

@lecloneur: if you mean this one draw-lines, it is only for drawing lines along arbitrary points (in a sequence) while what I need is just to recreate a wireframe style effect with line (one line per edge)


ähem yes, every mesh is made out of triangles… it really depends a bit on the geometry (which is the longest side of the triangles), but it a geometry-shader like that one would be definitely the fastest solution to achieve that.