Draw edges of a quad / grid


I’m learning how to draw edges of a grid / quad with animation…

I found a patch on forum that does that but the problem is I don’t understand it…

Is there any easier way to do this - I have no idea what the patch does?

If not, any explanation how this works is highly appreciated…

Thanks for help

Cylinder along edges.v4p (26.3 kB)

Check node ‘Fill’ and set ton’wireframe and attach to your quad

I think I got the right name of the node?

I think Kundi wants a dynamic edge-drawing. Sorry but there is not a very easy way to do it. If you don t undertand the patch, post here what you don t understand and let s try to sort it out.
Usually B-Spline (3D) and Queue (Spreads) are the nodes I use for that.


thanks for the links.

I can think of this process:

get points of 1 side of a quad: X1, Y1 and X2, Y2
draw a line / animation from X1, Y1 and X2, Y2 (I guess that is that B-Spline is used for)
go to next side of a quad and repeat

but this wont draw line with the constant length, so I guess Queue (spreads) is used at this point.

Can you correct me if I’m wrong and what details am I missing here?

Thanks for help


have you tried this?