Dragging DX11 Windows


I can’t drag DX11 windows with Alt-Rightmouse, like I can any other vvvv window. This makes it very annoying when DX11 windows happen to be tabbed, then you can only separate them by dragging from that very small spot next to the tab name:

it is ALT+LeftDrag and for me works in the whole bar next to the tabs. still different to native vvvv windows, true, but at least not only on that tiny spot you marked.

Aahh! Yes, true, it’s possible in the whole bar for me as well. Also yes, it’s Alt-Leftmouse.

Much better than I thought, not sure why I thought it was only that small spot… Still, once you’ve separated two windows, you can’t tab them together again, right?

right thats the real bugger…

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