Drag n drop moving objects?

How to drag and drop objects (quads) which already follow a basic motion behavior like floating randomly? All the drag nodes and examples I found so far are only working with static objects.
Thanks for any hints.

maybe can be helpful

Thanks for the hint. I did some modifications on the interial dragging patch. But now I stuck with multiple touch points. It works fine with one touch point, but not with four (attached a patch). Any idea how to make this MT?

_intertial dragging MT 1.v4p (21.5 kB)


please check the newest Alpha builds.
There are new examples on how to drag shapes, especially the last one (Drag_04-MovingObjects.v4p) in vvvv directory:



its still the tricky bit on making this multitouch, sorting the id’s
im using this one multitouch-stack-revived
but would like to see a more patch based solution