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hey guys,

So I was trying to do something with the drag patch (Make a puzzle) but I noticed a weird behavior.

If the renderer is “in a Box” mode the cursor doesn’t follow the actual mouse. Is like more restricted and the boxes react to that mouse and not to the cursor of vvvv.

Then if the renderer is “Windowed” and you can’t see the actual mouse pointer obviously you can’t select any of the boxes.

Last thing If I use my touch screen as an input when I press on the box immediately it gets offset. With the mouse pointer it doesn’t do that but with the finger touch it does.

And just a more general question. Is there a way to detect a collision between the boxes or I have to go with the box 2D solution?



hei vasilis,

those examples are indeed broken. thanks for the pointer, i fixed them for upcoming builds. in the meantime you can just add an AspectRatio (Transformation) node to the patch and connect it to the Renderer. see the AspectRatio’s helppatch for how to connect it.

regarding collision: you can always detect that manually of course by just comparing coordinates, right? whether or not to use box2d for that depends a bit on your actual usecase…

also recommended: have a look at:


which has a multitouch drag example in vl, where computing simple collisions would probably be simpler than in vvvv.

Hey Joreg…always there for us!

Well the aspect ratio worked (I can’t believe I actually forgotten that) for the mouse

but still doesn’t get rid of the offset when it’s been used on a touch sreen.

I looked at the patch ((VL) pretty cool but still I don’t have a clue about VL so it looks like Elvish to me at the moment. At some point I will have to do the transfer.

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