Drag and "shoot" an object

hi there,

i am trying to drag and “shoot” an object. moving the object with the mouse works fine, but i want the object to continue the movement for some frames in the current object direction after the mouse button is released.
in best case the “after movement” ends smooth and the velocity and distance is proportional to the dragged movement…

currently i am storing the last x positions of the object in a queue and try to map them on top of the last position of the object after the release of the mouse button.but i don’t get it right :(

any hints on this topic? i searched the site, but didn’t find any patches or tips…


maybe this helps…

slide.zip (12.9 kB)

yeah :) that helps definitely!

i didn’t understand everything, but i will take a closer look at the patch after i got some rest.

i tried it without any framedelays, but seems like we need this “einzigen framedelay” ;-)

would be nice, if you could post the missing “Center2Points” patch, too.

thank you very much!


yeeeeha, got it!

huuuuuuge merci ;)